Visiting Cinque Terre Italy – Italian Riviera Travel Photography

Visiting Cinque Terre Italy – Italian Riviera Travel Photography

Visiting Cinque Terre Italy was a must for us on our recent trip to Italy. We’ve been looking forward to this Italian Roveria travel photography trip for a long time. We love the outdoors, small villages and colorful houses. So we knew this was a top priority when planning our family trip to Italy. We normally travel alone but this time we were with my mom, aunt, cousin and 2nd cousin. Planning a trip to make everyone happy had its challenges. But we knew Cinque Terre was for us (and my cousin who is a big outdoors person and loves to hike as well). We also wanted to plan something so that everyone could enjoy this area.

I started by  researching and knowing we wanted to stay in La Spezia. This is such a great little town and is the perfect place to catch the train to Cinque Terre. We used Airbnb on this trip and found the perfect home in La Spezia. This great apartment was right in the center of the historic area of town. Lots of people watching, good food and 10 min walk to the train. I even bought our tickets online ahead of time, just one less thing to worry about.

My mom wasn’t feeling well so she ended up staying around La Spezia. The original plan was that her, my aunt and 2nd cousins would start the day with us, then explore at their own pace using the train. With the change, my aunt and 2nd cousin decided to stay with us. We decided to just do the trail from Vernazza to Corniglia and visit the other areas by train. Though only only some of us did all the villages because it was a long day! But it was Amazing!!

Visiting Cinque Terre Italy Italian Riviera travel photography

Vernazza travel photography Cinque terre Vernazza photography


We took the train from La Spezia to Monterosso and had some breakfast. Walking around town, we took some cool drone photos over all those colorful beach chairs all lined up at Fegina Beach (the perfect Italian beach area!) We got there early so they were all still lined up neatly and we walked along the promenade to take in the sights.

Drone footage of Monterosso Italy travel photography and videography

 crystal blue water Monterosso Italy travel photography and videography

Monterosso Fegina Beach photos of beach from above colorful villages in Italy

Amazing views of Monterosso Fegina Beach Cinque Terre beaches


This is easily one of the most beautiful of the villages. The town was devastated by a terrible flood and landslide in 2011. But it’s since been painstakingly and lovingly restored to its glory. In the center of town along the water is the piazza. This is a gathering place for locals and visitors (where you get off the ferry if you travel that way). The village is filled painted fishing boats, houses with laundry lines, cafes and lots of people! We climbed up to Belforte Tower and Doria Castle which only cost 1.5 euros. This was totally worth it to get such a great view. We even flew our drone from here since there were way less people and the photos are incredible! And besides, climbing the stairs to the top got us ready for all those stairs we would be climbing on the Cingue Terre Trail.

Vernazza travel photography Cinque terre Vernazza photography

Town by the sea Cinque terre Italy Vernazza boats

hiking the Cinque terre to Corniglia Italian travel photography

Exploring Vernazza Cinque terre Belforte Tower Doria Castle

Cinqe Terre trail to Corniglia

Wow! Talk about beautiful! Also talk about A LOT of steps. I guess when reading everything, I never really realized it wasn’t just a natural trail that goes up and down. There are a ton of stairs! And oh those were not easy especially in the heat. I also expected it not to be as warm and humid in late September. But like I said, the views were amazing and totally worth it. There was even a great little spot to get some water along the way and take a little break. (Bring a refillable water bottle because there are natural springs in all the town). They have great outdoor seating with a magnificent view.

Corniglia Cinque terre travel photoraphy

Cinque Terre trail to Corniglia

cliffs of Cinque Terre trail to Corniglia

Visting Corniglia Cinque terre Italy travel photography blog Corniglia

We were so ready for this adorable town by the time we reached it from the trail. One good thing since we hiked we only had to walk Down 382 steps (known as the Scalinata Lardarina) to get to the train station. Otherwise since the train station is at sea level you would have to walk up them to reach the town. Though there is a mini bus that can help transport people but it gets very crowded they say.

It is here that my Aunt and 2nd cousin made their way beck to La Spezia via the train. And we explored the town. It isn’t very big but there were some cute shops and we stopped at a cute cafe to eat lunch. It was actually our favorite lunch we had in all of Italy. I had the Best bruschetta and Caprese salad. It really spoiled me because other places on the trip were I ordered these things they were just not very good. Especially the bruschetta! Surprising for sure.

Corniglia Italy best bruschetta and Caprese salad


We went to Riomaggiore next even though it was out of order because we knew we wanted to capture Manarola at sunset. This is Cinque Terre’s easternmost village and is the largest of the five and acts as its unofficial HQ (the main park office is based here).  Again we explored this village. There were a lot of great places we could have taken photos from but we were a little tired and just wanted to enjoy a gelato and do some people watching! We even saw some engagement portraits being done and being a wedding photographer I couldn’t resist. And besides, we have a Great travel package for destination and adventure weddings and elopements! Make sure you check out some of our wedding work at

People watching in Riomaggiore Italy Cinque terre

Things to do in Corniglia Cinque terre

travel photography of Riomaggiore Cinque terre Italy

Engagement photos in Riomaggiore Italy Cinque terre

People watching in Riomaggiore Italy Cinque terre

Things to do in Corniglia Cinque terre


Manarola is the oldest of the Cinque Terre villages and dates back to Roman times. The hills above it are the center of Sciacchetrà wine production (there are more grape vines here than any of the other villages). There is no beach here, but there are wide flat spots on the rocks that are perfect for sunbathing. We did see lots of people doing this. They say Manarola is the best town for swimmers who like to dive off the high boulders into the deep blue sea. And Manarola is known to be particularly beautiful at sunset. And sitting back to watch the sunset here did not disappoint.

We were able to view the town during the “golden hour” and watch the sun actually set behind us on the water. And having a drone to get some amazing aerial photos made all the walking, stairs, and sweating all worth it! After the sunset we packed up our gear and easily got the train back to La Spezia.

sunbathing in Manarola oldest village Cinque terre Italy

Manarola Cinque terre Italy views of the ocean golden hour

Sunset at Manarola Cinque terre Italy travel blog

Sunset at Manarola Cinque terre Italy travel blog

Visiting Manarola Cinque terre Italy travel blog

Sunset at Manarola Cinque terre Italy travel blog

Italy sunsets Sunset at Manarola Cinque terre Italy travel blog Cinque terre Italian riviera travel photography

Wow – what an amazing, tiring, perfect day! If you want to enjoy the towns more you can always stay over and split up the day into more than one. Be sure to follow our travel blog and follow us on Instagram to see more of our Italian adventures.

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