Trip Essentials – Things to Remember When Packing

Trip Essentials – Things to Remember When Packing

There are a ton of things you should always remember to bring on any trip with you. And if you are going to another country there are even more. Then there are some things just to make a long flight more comfortable. As we are getting ready for our upcoming trip to Egypt, I was looking over my packing list and thought it would be helpful to share some of the items I make sure we pack. Hopefully this list of trip essentials will provide and easy list of things to remember when packing.

traveling by car Trip Essentials Things to Remember When Packing

traveling by boat Trip Essentials Things to Remember When Packing

traveling by car plane Essentials Things to Remember When Packing

For comfort on the plane

  • Eye Mask – helps me sleep, especially on a long flight
  • Hydrating spray – airplanes totally dry your skin out
  • Cap stick – Burt’s Bees is great and so is Sugar Dream Advanced Therapy
  • Scarf – makes great pillow or blanket
  • Ipod – I always make a “travel mix” to listen to
  • Headphones – I use Beats and Al uses Bose Noise Cancelling because he also uses them to edit his video work
  • Inflatable foot rest – because I am short and have a hard time reaching the ground and this also helps with your legs. We got ours on Amazon
  • Water Bottle – we don’t like to buy single use plastics as much as we can help it. Because they are terrible for the environment. So we always carry our own water bottle. Nalgene Bottles are great
  • Reusable straw – we use Simply Straws

Trip Essentials Things to Remember When Packing being comfortable on plane

To stay healthy

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Dramamine – sometimes a flight can be rough and this helps be prepared and we often take boats on our trips as well. We had VERY rough waters on the ferry from the north island of New Zealand to the south. So we ALWAYS bring it now!! You never know what adventures you will come across
  • Tums – or something for our stomachs, again just in case
  • Antibiotics (optional, but could save you a trip to the hospital)
  • Anti-diarrhea medicine – who wants that on vacation. And if it gets really bad that’s why we have the antibiotics
  • Airborn – we start these a few days before we travel
  • All personal medications and a copy of the prescription

traveling with medicine trip essencials smart way to pack medication

Hope some of these ideas help you with your travels. What are your Trip Essentials?

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