Travel Tips: Packing Tips For Your Next Adventure

Travel Tips: Flat World’s Packing Tips For Your Next Adventure

Packing Tips: Everyone has their own packing tips and tricks that work for them. And what to pack depends heavily on what kind of trip you are taking. But here is a list of what I have learned throughout the years of extensive traveling. Before I even pack I have already made a travel list of things I should bring. I may write “3 t-shirts”- then I pick out three and add them to the pile on my bed. I pile EVERYTHING I WANT to take on the trip. I always add at least 3 dresses and several pairs of shoes to my pile. Then I walk away!! Really I want to take all that?! And then the real work begins. I come back a day or so later and realize how Ridiculous this is! I cant take all that. And I start scaling back. I cull through the clothes one more time before I pack anything. Sometime I even take out a few items at the last minute- after all I may need extra room to bring home some great items.

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1. Never fold – Roll

Rolling is the key to successful packing! I used to live out of a backpack for months at a time, so I know. You want to get in as much as you can!! Pretty much everyone agrees that rolling is best and it helps keep your clothes from getting as wrinkled. Lets face it- I don’t iron at home, so you know I’m not ironing on a trip!

Travel tips, packing roll your clothes instead of folding

2. Know your airline’s baggage policy

We use our American Airlines card for all travel and earn points (Hello New Zealand here we come!!). So we get 2 free bags with that domestically and 1 each internationally. It literally pays to be loyal to one airline if they offer what you need. But we have on occasion used a different airline group and we always check out their baggage policy before we book so we can figure any costs into our budget and save time at the airport.

3. Be prepared

One of the reasons I make a packing list is to help us be prepared to travel. For us we are also always capturing photos and video so we need to keep our gear needs in mind for each trip. Based on the location and what we have planned for adventure we will know which lenses and other gear we need handy. For example, we don’t automatically travel with tripods so knowing if we will need one helps us be prepared. Also having a list helps us to make sure we have all our essentials like electronic plugs and chargers and then buy any thing we are missing or running low on. We also check the weather for where we are going and research weather patterns to know if rain gear, extra warm clothes, or even a bathing suite will be needed!

4. Know TSA regulations

Do you have the right size lotion in that carry on bag? You would hate to lose that brand new fancy lotion because it is too big! All Liquids brought on to planes must be in 3.4 ounce bottles or smaller. Speaking of carry on- Make good use of that carry on bag AND your personal bag. What is personal is somewhat ambiguous. Regulations certainly doesn’t include a huge bag, but do you really want to lose vital space by carrying a tiny purse? So think laptop bag or tote!

Travel tips, what to pack in your person bag on an airplane trip

5. Never check valuables.

Remember anything valuable needs to stay at home! But if you do have a couple pieces of jewelry just make sure you keep it on you or in your personal carry on item. This is the bag I tuck under my seat and never put in the overhead. I may want to nap, especially on long flights. So you’ll want to keep valuables close by and where you can keep an eye on it.

6. Pack for layers!

Layers are everything. This allows you to wear something comfy, yet classy while traveling and saves space. If you have items that can be layered and get multiple use, that’s a big bonus and save space in your suitcase!

7. Do laundry on the road!

Ok, almost everyone says this so I felt I better include it! But to be honest, we rarely have done laundry on any of our trips. But we have taken advantage of laundry at a couple of KOA’s and have had it done on both river boat cruises we’ve been on. This helps you not have to take as many changes of socks, underwear or basic t-shirts. And hey maybe you can find a Laundromat with wifi and upload some of those great photos you have been taking while your clothes are spinning!

Do laundry while you're traveling so you can pack lighter

8. And Lastly- not Everything you Love needs to come with you

Time to make some hard and realistic choices. Trust us, you will be thankful you scaled back when you’re lugging your bags around!!

Enjoy your next adventure wherever it takes you!!

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About the author Cathie Berrey-Green:

Cathie and her husband travel the world seeking adventure while taking beautiful and fun travel, nature, and street photographs and cinema wherever they go.

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