BG Productions and Flat World Media Embark on an Adventure!

Travel Photography and Cinematography || BG Productions and Flat World Media Embark on an Adventure!

As most of you know Al and I follow our passion for travel every opportunity we get. We have been blessed with several “trips of a lifetime”, each it seems more grand than the last- and all equally hold real estate in our hearts! But this next adventure- WELL it just may be the Trip of a Lifetime (I am beginning to feel like a true cat with all these lives- lol!!)

Some of you may recall this past April we took a river boat cruise with my mom via AMA Waterways. We spent time in Prague with a land extension (and Paris on our own before that) and then 7 days aboard the Ama Certo traveling down the beautiful Danube River from Vilshofen to Budapest. We had an AMAZING time- the crew and other guests were Awesome and a bunch of fellow passengers ended up buying many of my photos once we returned.

Our cruise manger gave me two emails that we could send the photos and video to so that corporate could see them.  And of course I mentioned we would be happy to do a barter of some sort if they ever needed a video (hey it NEVER hurts to ask!!) About two weeks later I got an email from the artistic director asking if we would like to set up a conference call with him and the head of advertising to discuss the possibility of doing some work with them. HELL YEAH we wanted to have that conference call! lol!! During the call they told us how much they enjoyed everything and loved the creative and personal approach we took with the film and photos. They have great promotional videos but they are full of actors and set up shots. They loved how “raw” the videos were and how they showed real passengers on real excursions. We told them this is why we didnt want to “work” for AMA Waterways- why we wanted to have it be a vacation (with some specific direction and shots we knew ahead of time) so that we had the actual experience as a “guest” as well. We all know the difference once we are considered a “vendor”- lol!!! Before the call, and at the beginning we thought they were gonna maybe offer us  somewhere in Europe. And we we totally down with that. But what they suggested to us BLEW US AWAY!! After the call we were totally giddy but practical. This was a very expensive trip and we had to decide what barter offer we would be willing to take if it all went through!! and always the cautious ones- fingers (and toes) crossed that a deal would even go through!!  Then a week later we got an email giving us two dates in Dec. and asked us which we preferred. We now knew it was going to happen- but still wasnt sure what would be worked out.  Last night we got an email saying what they wanted from us and asked what we wanted from them. Well again- it NEVER hurts to ask- so we told them we wanted and their offer is beyond our expectations!! When they laid it out they asked if that was “alright by us”

Well- i think you KNOW the answer….

So leaving December 9th we Embark on a Truly Magical Experience Through Vietnam and Cambodia down the Mekong River!! Words cant describe our excitement and thankfulness. and especially to Brain who is the BEST house, cat, dog sitter in Philadelphia for always being there for us!!)

This is what our trip will look like

1 Hanoi Hotel check-in
2 Hanoi City tour & rickshaw ride
Water puppet show
3 Hanoi Transfer to Ha Long Bay
Ha Long Bay Bay excursion
Overnight cruise onboard traditional wooden junk
4 Ha Long Bay Transfer to airport
Flight to Siem Reap
Siem Reap Hotel check-in
5 Siem Reap Angkor Thom & Banteay Srei
Visit English-language school
6 Siem Reap Angkor Wat & Ta Prohm Temple
7 Siem Reap Check in for cruise
Welcome Dinner
8 Wat Hanchey Wat Hanchey tour
Ankgor Ban Kampong Cham tour
9 Ankgor Ban Angkor Ban tour
Chong Koh Silk-weaving village visit
Phnom Penh Free evening
10 Phnom Penh City tour
Afternoon Killing Fields excursion
11 Border Crossing Border crossing from Cambodia to Vietnam
12 Tan Chau Visit to local craftsmen’s workshops
Trishaw ride
13 Sa Dec Local boat ride to Sa Dec Village
Visit to local market, museum & temple
Xeo Quyt Xeo Quyt excursion
Cai Be Local boat ride to floating market
Visit rice paper & candy-making workshop
My Tho Port
Transfer to the city
City tour
15 Ho Chi Minh City Free time
16 Ho Chi Minh City Return flight home

We cant wait to share all the riches these lands have to offer!! In case you missed the Prague to Budapest video click on the links below!!!

Prague to Passau video

Linz to Budapest Video


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  1. Wendy Hartigan

    That is truly awesome and very much deserved!! Congrats and can’t wait to see the photos!!!

    4 June, 2014
  2. Emily

    WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!! Lucky bunnies:) What a well deserved business/vacation transaction! Hmm will they hook up BG clients with any vacation packages?

    4 June, 2014
  3. Stacey

    OMG!! This is AMAZING!!! Talk about trip of a lifetime! I can’t wait to see these photos – and they TOTALLY picked the right crew to do this for them. THEY are lucky too!

    4 June, 2014
    • photosbycat12

      thanks- we are going to see some amazingly beautiful sites

      4 June, 2014
  4. Carryn Golden

    You two work so hard and truly deserve it!! Very excited for you!!

    4 June, 2014
    • photosbycat12

      thanks- we are really excited!!

      4 June, 2014
  5. Daniel

    OMG!!!! That is so awesome!! I’m so happy for you guys and AMA Waterways is lucky to have your services, I think they’re getting the better deal really, your work is fantastic. I’ll be following your blog posts daily. Congratulations you two!

    4 June, 2014
    • photosbycat12

      thanks- we were just so surprised that even wrote back, let alone wanted to set up a conference call. Then when they asked us if we would be willing to do this trip we were FLOORED!! they said they wanted someone adventures to show that side!! Still cant believe it!! and to think our initial thought was just getting 1 of us on the cruise part free! lol!

      4 June, 2014
  6. Gabrielle

    Super stoked for you guys! Congrats on a new beautiful adventure! 🙂

    5 June, 2014
  7. Nancy Curry

    You guys are inspirational for how to live a good life. Karma baby. I’m so glad our paths crossed.

    6 June, 2014
  8. Judy and Harold Blane

    Your plans and career are awesome. The trip to Cambodia and Vietnam are sure to be fantastic. We hope we will get the chance to see your wonderful photos. Keep in touch.

    9 June, 2014
    • photosbycat12

      thanks so much! we cant wait!

      9 June, 2014

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