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LOVED LOVED LOVED every part of Japan we got to see (and now want to see ALL of it!!) Al and I have had Tokyo on our “must see soon” list and it was in the TOP 5! So when we were given the opportunity to do a project in Vietnam and Cambodia, and we had to fly through Tokyo, we knew we HAD to add it to the end of our trip! This addition would make this the longest Al and I have ever traveled together for- 21 DAYS! We also knew we would also be pretty tired after the first two countries but we thought if any city could invigorate us- Tokyo could!

Tokyo was AMAZING! So mush neon, beautiful architecture, cool shops, creative and unique looking people walking around, Fantastic food, SOO clean, and HEATED toilet seats!! (and YEAH- i’m a fan of the bidet’s there- Totally fancy and better than any others I had ever used in other countries!!) And EVERYONE carries a small hand towel to dry there hands on- no paper to electricity waste!! I got a really cute one while there and have been carrying everywhere and using only that! and all those vending machines!!! Crazy!!! in one vending area you could get a coke in a bottle, in a can, in a small can, in a cup with ice, in a cup without ice!!!!!

We hired private tour guides for 2 of the days we were in Tokyo. Our fantastic travel agent Tracey from       hooked it all up. We just gave her a list of some of the places we wanted to go and they made two custom tours- both our guides were awesome and 1 is even a kick ass photog there! It was a great way not to stress about learning our way around and trying to figure it all out when we were only there for 4 days. One cool thing is when Al and I were going up to the observation deck of the building with the Mori Art Museum there was a Tim Burton exhibit! I LOVE Tim Burton!!! We ate some Amazing food!! Our Christmas Dinner was at a small place where everything was fresh from the market that day and you pointed (well we did because we don’t speak Japanese and when we got there we were the ONLY ones who were tourists!)and they grilled it right then! You could just taste the freshness! YUM!!! While in the fish market with our guide we went to a small sushi restaurant. (though I don’t like it and had other things). It was really cool sitting around with the locals at the counter watching the chef prepare everything!! And again we had this experience when we went to a very small (AMAZING) traditional tempura place with a counter for about 12 and a separate room at the end to eat your dessert and drink your green tea! How Awesome!!! I have never had tempura like this!!!! and of course the Udon noodles we had in Kyoto were to die for!!

Speaking of Kyoto. We decided as soon as we got to Tokyo we were going to have the hotel concierge at Anna Intercontinental where our room was on the 30th floor and we had club access to the lounge on the 52 floor 24 hours!!) organize a day trip for us in Kyoto! They scheduled us on an early 6 am Bullet train and arranged a private driver/guide to take us around for the day so we could see as much as possible in 1 day. Trust me- I day is NOT enough! We so have to go back there! We were so blessed to get to the Inari Shrine before it got busy and could get some cool shots. And you couldn’t beat the blue sky that day especially while we were at the Golden Palace. and how cool to walk through a bamboo forrest!!!! I could have taken a million pictures! and of course from the train we had the best view of Mt. Fuji- though of course we were moving at 200mph!!

But by far one of the BEST experiences was going to the Robot Restaurant!!! Just Crazy!! We saw it on Anthony Bourdain and KNEW we had to go! And Yes- it was everything we hoped for and more!!! (Though I don’t have  any photos on the blog because I only had my phone- but check out my Instagram feed bg_productions)

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