Must have travel accessory – Tep Wireless

Must have travel accessory – Tep Wireless

Our Tep Wireless was the Most important thing we packed on our recent trip to Italy. Yup, you read that right! The Tep Wireless is definitely a must have travel accessory. Our verdict: don’t leave home without it. Keep reading to see why.

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We LOVED traveling with this Teppy – also known as a pocket WiFi, MiFi, wireless dongle, global / mobile hotspot. It works similarly to your wireless router at home. When turned on, it creates a wireless hotspot which anyone in the vicinity can connect to. You just have to give everyone the password, so you know your information is totally safe. .

But unlike your wireless router at home, Teppy is small and portable (it fits in your pocket). It doesn’t require any setup, cables or installation. And it works seamlessly all over the world. Simply turn on and connect!

This means you can travel the globe with your smartphone, laptop, tablet, game consoles etc., knowing that you can securely and reliably connect all of your devices to the internet, whenever you want. From their website. Get more info here –

Must have travel accessory Tep Wireless

This little device was a lifesaver for our recent family trip to Italy

There were 6 of us traveling; me, my husband, mom, aunt and cousins. And let me tell you, having this device made everything so much simpler! We rented a car and spent 2.5 weeks traveling all around Italy. No need to worry about downloading our maps, or not being able to be spontaneous and worry about having Wifi to connect back to Google Maps!! We just put it in the cup holder and it kept us connected! We had Wifi even when we visited a medieval town in Tuscany!

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Thanks to the Teppy, we also had wifi when we hiked at Cinque Terre. Since our Airbnb’s also had WiFi, we could stay connected with family members who didn’t do the hike and update them on our adventures and whereabouts! Also since there were 6 of us when we were back at our places for the night we weren’t all trying to be on the residents WiFi. We could split it up and everyone was happy, plenty of bandwidth for everyone!!

When we were visiting Florence, Rome and Venice we could easily do a google search for places to eat and things to do! And we didn’t have to pay to have internet service for each of us for 14 days! What a big savings! And it made everything just so much easier!

I don’t think we will ever travel without this Awesome Teppy device. Now that I’ve tried it I can’y imagine traveling without it. There are some limits though on the locations we can use it. For instance, we recently photographed a wedding in Saint Lucia and the service didn’t work there (at least not yet!) Lets hope our next trip is in their coverage area. Its easy to check by going to their website.

But don’t just take our word for it. Try it out yourselves! Use the promo code FLATWORLDTRAVEL to get a 10% discount on sales and rentals. We hope you love this gadget as much as we do!

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