Iceland Travel Photography – The Land of Fire & Ice

“I want to run away and travel the world with you,” it’s a mantra Al and live by! We had the extreme pleasure of going to Iceland, the land of fire and ice. and it was incredible! We can’t wait to go back. We booked our trip through Iceland Air and chose to travel economy comfort, which turned out to be an excellent decision. It is basically the same as business class with a lot of perks (including access to their lounge) without the usual business class price. And when your legs are long like Al’s — every inch counts. We flew out of Newark airport because when I researched, it was a huge savings.

For the trip I used Iceland Travel and decided upon a “self-driving tour.” This way I didn’t have to spend energy deciding on where we should go and stay on any given day. I gave a list of places we wanted to go and they picked the tour that was best for us. They planned the hotels, the rental car, and supplied detailed lists of sights and maps. It was super-easy. Once that was in place, I could really study Iceland to lay out our plans. When the sun rises at 9:30 a.m. and sets at 4:30 p.m., you have to be pretty organized to get to all the things you want to see. We knew we also wanted to photograph and video as much as possible. We kept snacks in the car, skipped lunches, and hit the ground running with our route planned out before the sun officially rose each day. (I could get used to shooting the golden hour before sunrise if it was at 8:30!) The sights were simply breathtaking! There were simply no bad views — even in the rain, snow, hair, sunshine — no matter what extreme weather we experienced — sometimes all in the same 30 minutes. We cant wait to go back and do the northern part of the country. We really fell in love with this beautiful northern haven and some made friends along the way. We would run into some of the same people since we were all on the same path. Sarah and Lee from England, we ran into every day and always very randomly! This made the trip even cooler.

So many people have asked me what our plans were and where we went. So I thought is might be easier to share our agenda. Of course, there were a lot of little side trips down random roads, but this gives the general outline. Please dont hesitate to ask for more details. All of the Iceland Travel Photography here was taken with my Nikon D810, but there’s also plenty of snaps with our phones over on Instagram. Follow us @bg_productions.

Full Gallery of Pictures

I know there are a lot of photos… but the place is gorgeous! Please email me at cathie.bgproductions at gmail dot com if you’d like to purchase prints.

Nov. 8 (Day 2)

Day 1 started with us arriving from spending 4 days in Amsterdam. We spent the night in Reykjavik.

  • Pingvellin Nat. Park
  • Neorivellin
  • Oxara River
  • Oxarafoss Waterfall
  • Drive to Lake Laugaruatn –geothermal
    • Fontana Geo Baths- super awesome after spending the day in and out of the rain
  • Gyser region-Strokkur small geyser-Gullfoss- double fall
  • Grimsnes Kerio (Tjarnholer craters).
    • We didn’t have enough daylight time to do this- super bummer! It didnt seem to be on the road we took.
  • End at Hotel- Hekla fuss Hotel in Fludir and Selfoss area.
    • This is the night we saw the Northern Lights and then hung out in the hot tub at the hotel drinking hot chocolate and watching them. So cool!

Nov. 9 (Day 3)

Rt. 1 towards Selfoss Town Through farmlands, small villages Hella and Hvolsvoller.

  • Helka- most famous volcano
  • Eyjafjallajokull Glacier
  • Seljalandsfoss- awesome waterfall
  • Skogafoss waterfall- most impressive
    • Cool plane is in this area- E. on Rt. 1 Solheimajolkull Glacier- remote hot spring- LOVED it!!
  • Myradalsjokull- largest glacier
  • Dyrholsey- rocky headland/sheer cliff- southern most tip of Iceland
  • Reynishverfi- black beach and cave
  • Village of Vik-lush green pastures, black vol. sand
  • Kirkjubaejarklauster –town- drive through lava filled- Laki craters-
    • That’s what all the moss covered rocks are… LAVA!!
  • End at Klaustur hotel

Nov. 10 (day 4)

  • -Skaftafell Nat. Park -icecap at Vatnajokull- Must walk path-Svartifoss- Black Fall- most majestic
    • super cool and my shot was featured on Instagram
  • Skaftafellsjokull glacier- glacier lagoon
    • My fave! We took the boat ride through the lagoon.
  • Brunnhol Farm- Homemade ice cream
    • The farm was closed by the time we got there, but we had awesome homemade ice cream in Rereykjavik.
  • Hofn- eat seafood
    • Yes- we drove another 1.5 to have the fresh Langostines that come into the harbour
  • Same hotel as last night

 Nov. 11 (day 5)

  • Breakfast at hotel- drive to glacier for snow mobile ride
    • pure white out on the glacier- but still super fun- even if I did have to drive with my glasses off because they kept fogging up!
  • 1-hour snowmobile tour on Myrdalsjokull Glacier
  • Drive to Reykjavik and check into hotel- same as first night- explore the town

Nov. 12 (day 6)

  • Check out of hotel 8:30- grab some breakfast? 35 min drive
  • Blue Lagoon – Experience Package – Luxury-
    • Why not pamper yourself before your flight? And given that I got sick while at the airport and then for the whole flight, this was even more perfect.



See more photos from our Iceland trip!

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  1. Lauren

    Cathy, these photos are STUNNING. Seriously, they’re a million times more beautiful than any National Geographic screensaver I could put on my computer. I’m a sucker for animal photos, and it seems like you guys made quite a few friends on your travels! I hope you and Al had the most wonderful time while you were away!

    21 November, 2015
    • photosbycat12

      AWWW! thank you so much! I wish travel photo editors thought so! lol!! everyone seems to love the overly dramatic HDR “nature” look.

      21 November, 2015

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