How to become a traveler

So you have seen some amazing travel photography and you want to travel the world. The world is a big and beautiful place. It can be overwhelming deciding where you want to go. A good first step is to make a list of all the places you dream of seeing. And I’m sure many of those places you need a passport. So getting your passport is step one to being on your way to travel.

I think having a passport opens all kinds of possibilities. And if you already have it, you are all ready to embrace international travel and you aren’t limiting yourself. Though I do you want to point out traveling around the US is super fun and it is important to see our own country. We have so many beautiful places.


I found this awesome book that I gave Al for our last anniversary. It’s called “Travel Listography”. It’s a great book filled with all kinds of activities that center around travel. Just cruising through this book gives you ideas of where to start. For example there’s a section on “World Heritage  sites I have visited and hope to visit”. But if you don’t know what the World Heritage sites are that’s a good place to start looking.

We also have a giant map that has different colored pinheads. Each pin represents places we’ve been or places we want to go. This can be a fun activity with your partner or family. It can really spark some good conversation. That way you can list some of your top bucket list “must sees” and even put a different color pin in. Once you identify those places you never know, there may be an flight special or another great opportunity to visit that location. For example, New Zealand was in the top 5 places for us to visit. We thought it would be quite a while before we got to go there because it’s so expensive because the flight is so long. But this year we realized we happen to have enough airline miles (We use American) saved up and we thought why not cash them in for a trip to New Zealand. Now we are excited to be going there for two half weeks this Spring. We decided to rent a camper van so that we can really explore our own. But there’ll be more posts about that later.

Once you have pins on your map it also allows for some great spontaneity. You can decide you want to do a trip just shut your eyes and put your finger randomly on the map. Look to see which pin is closest and there you go your next travel destination!!!!

We are also always scouring the Internet for great travel deals. Last year we had the privilege of going to Iceland. We saw that Iceland Air was offering a fantastic stopover campaign so we decided to go to Amsterdam and then do a five-day stopover in Iceland. Make sure you check out that blog post here.

Another example is a couple years ago we decided we wanted to do an RV trip and spend a couple weeks traveling around the southwest. Well we don’t have an RV so finding one was our first hurtle! While searching around the Internet we came across a company called Cruise America. It happened to be an anniversary year for them so we were able to do the trip and a great discount. Of course this spring when we decided to do a second RV trip (this time the national parks out west) there was no special. But we knew this is something we wanted to do so we were able to save up.  You can view our RV Trip blog

We are lucky that travel is a part of our profession. We have produced several travel videos for various companies and have sold many prints and canvases of the photos I’ve taken to individuals as well as those looking for stock images.  So who knows, maybe there is a need for you to travel for work as well!

Find a place you want to visit (nationally or internationally) and work towards making it a priority. Once you get bitten by the travel bug- there is no limits to what adventures you will find yourself on!

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