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Travel Photographer Checks out Europe Via River Boat

Several years ago Al and I decided that travel would be a BIG part of our lives. We work hard all year, save up, and then go on some kind of Grand Adventure! this year we decided we wanted to go to Prague and take my mom. My moms grandmother came from that area (what is referred to as Bohemia) when she migrated to the US. After we started planning mom came up with the great idea to go on a River Cruise Down the Danube River from Prague to Budapest. What an AMAZING decision. After working with our travel agent we choose AMA Waterway. We could NOT have made a better discussion. They were beyond Amazing!! (Honestly we have Never seen such service, organization, and little touches that this company provided.- and just when you thought they had Already gone above and beyond- there was MORE!!!)We had such a wonderful time and met so many fabulous people. What a great way to travel!!!Check out the rest of the blog to learn about our trip- and of course we just Had to stop in Paris for a few days first! lol!!



The Ship

After spending 3 days in the Gorgeous city of Prague we boarded our buses for the boat. We stopped in Regensburg Germany before finally reaching the AMA Certo in Vilshofen and were greeted by all the staff and crew lined up to greet us!! HOW COOL!! The boat was so beautiful- really a floating hotel with everything you could ever want! We toured the town of Vilshofen for a bit the following morning before the boat took off.  We stopped in Passau and saw this great church with the largest pipe organ in the world (17,774 pipes). The next stop was Linz Austria where we spent the morning walking around before the days excursions began. We chose to go to Cesky Krumlov– this medieval bohemian town just on the border of Austria and thenCzech Republic. This was the Perfect choice. so cool. and the highlight was going to this medieval pub!

The following day we saw this beautiful Abbey in Melk and had a peaceful and scenic ride down the Danube. While it was a bit chilly- it was still totally gorgeous. Al and I chose to break away from any tours in Durnstein and Krems and climbed up to the top of a hill (more like a small steep mountain-lol!) to check out the old castle ruins where Richard the Lion-Hearted was imprisoned.  It was a tough climb- but TOTALLY worth it! and we needed it after all the delicious food we had been eating on board the ship! talk about Awesome eating!!!

We reached Vienna and did a really cool tour called “hidden Vienna”. This gave us a chance to see a lot of areas that are filled with tourists. Al and I once again broke off on our own and explored Vienna, sopped, ate in an outside cafe, and then actually walked back to the boat. According to Al’s fit-bit- we logged in over 11 miles that day (and those are Al’s steps- so you know I did at least 13 miles lol!!!) Vienna was really pretty and definitely a place we would like to go back to.

We didn’t spend too much time in Bratislava, Slovakia but it was a really different place. You could totally see the influence from the communists with the stark boring buildings made of concrete. The town wasn’t as “fancy” as some of the other places we visited and not as clean with a lot of trash and tagging. We would have explored more of it but this was the only day that rain had changed our minds- and besides- it was nice to spend a chill afternoon t=drinking tea on the boat and talking with all our new friends!

The final destination was Budapest. This is most definitely on our list to go back. One day just isn’t enough! We spent time on both the Budda and the Pest side. this was really the only place that was crowded with locals and toursits everywhere we went. It was Easter Sunday and there was a big festival at one of the castles. It was a bummer that it was so crowded we couldn’t even get near the castle- but Al and I explored a lot of cool places on our own after the city tour we did with mom was over. that was a great way to get a good over view of the city and really just a tease to get you to come back! lol!! We do wish we had added one day post cruise to the package but we knew we had to get back to business.

We are so blessed with all we saw, everyone we met, and how great the staff and crew were!!

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  1. Jaimie Doyle

    Great shots! Looks like you guys had an amazing time!

    24 April, 2014
  2. Stacey

    Looks SOO amazing! You need to get some of these photos blown up and framed. They are gorgeous.

    25 April, 2014
    • photosbycat12

      thanks! We just have to decide which ones!

      25 April, 2014
  3. Anne McCollam

    Thanks we found these love seeing memories in pics so profound! Are there more–we of course have none of us (usual case for us……) point us in the right direction? Anne and Bob not sure u know who this is— we danced a bit— were on the hidden Vienna with you amongst others… Anyway thanks for great photo

    6 May, 2014

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