Best Deals on Flights – Travel Tips to Save Money

Get the Best Deal on Flights – Travel Tips to Save Money

We love to travel but flying to all the places we want to go certainly adds up. So it’s important for us to figure out ways that we can save on our airfare. There are so many ways to get the best deal on flights. We’re bringing to you some travel tips to save money so you can travel more!

#1 – Use sites that monitor savings.

Personally I love Google Flights. It is so easy to search for flights. You can check a variety of dates and up to five different airports. This will help you in the planning stage. For example, we are looking to go to Thailand so we wanted to see what time of year we can get the best deals. A couple other great sites to check are Kayak and Cheap Flights to see what’s out there.

#2 – Travel in the Off Season

Also know as the “Shoulder Season”, that period in between a destination’s low and high season of tourism, making prices cheaper for hotels and airfare and crowds smaller at popular attractions. This is the basic concept of supply and demand. Flights cost more when in high demand (weather is nice, over the holidays, etc.) In the off season / shoulder season they need to fill the flights, therefore they cost less.

Extra tip: are you a teacher and can travel only during the summer and holidays when most places are overly expensive? Don’t look too go to Disney like every other family. Instead look for places that may be in the off-season during school vacation times.

#3 – Be flexible with dates and what airport to fly out and in

Some people may be limited based on your location. Folks like us on the East Coast have a multitude of choices. We live in Philadelphia and always prefer to fly out of our home airport but sometimes it’s a lot cheaper to go to Newark airport or even JFK. We always check on the prices and see if driving 1-2 hours and parking is worth the savings.

When traveling in Europe, check to see if it is cheaper to fly to an airport that that is close by to where you want to go and then take a train. This can also enhance your trip. In November we’re looking to go to Thailand. Sure we could fly in to Bangkok and then fly to Chiang Mai or vice versa but why not take a train and see the countryside too. Trains can be such a cool way travel.

Extra tip: Sometimes you just need to look for a smaller nearby airport and take a cab ride. It all depends on the savings in the long run.

Extra extra tip: Mistake fares – This is like winning the travel lottery. It’s when an airline actually posted the wrong fare. And you happen to catch that. There are plenty of sites you can research to help alert you. This is great if you have total flexibility.

#4 – Look for layovers and special promotions

We always look to see what places are close to where we are traveling and see if we want to add on a cool layover. For example when we went to Vietnam and Cambodia we flew home via Tokyo. We got a multi city ticket and stayed for 4 nights.

Extra tip: Iceland Air has “my stopover”. There is no added fee and you can travel between many European cities. We combined Iceland and Amsterdam. We did five days in each city.

There are so many other great tips out there. What can you add to the list to help our readers? Just leave a comment. We would love to hear how you got the best deal on flights and your travel tips to save money.


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  1. John Zimmerman

    These money saving travel tips for flying are a life saver! Who doesn’t want to keep a little extra green in their pocket? Thank you for the very helpful article!

    10 April, 2018
  2. Gianna Karels

    I love to travel, and would like to be more spontaneous about it, so these travel tips are so useful. I love how specific you are in your advice, and I truly feel like I gained some ideas to save money from your article. I once took a ten hour layover in Denver during the Denver stock show and had a fabulous time. This post reminds me to make the time to do something like that again 🙂

    11 April, 2018
    • Cathie Berry-Green

      thats awesome. and many companies or airports are offering short trips from the airport to some sightseeing.

      16 April, 2018
  3. Ariel

    I LOVE these travel tips! Flying in the off season is a huge savings and the locals will be happy to have some extra money in that time from your visit! One of my favorite travel tips for making sure you get the best price is to go “Incognito” or into private browsing on your Internet browser, that way travel websites aren’t caching your cookies and upping the price the more times you check their website. Yay for saving money and seeing the world!!

    13 April, 2018
    • Cathie Berry-Green

      WOW!! i never knew that!! Thanks for sharing that GREAT tip!!

      16 April, 2018
  4. Sonia Freeman

    Such great tips for finding the best prices on flights! Can’t wait to use them to plan my next trip!

    18 April, 2018
  5. jen

    These are great tips! But seriously, WOW-those pictures!! I LOVE cloud photos, great work!

    18 April, 2018
  6. Lori Foxworth

    What great travel tips for saving money! I’ve actually never even heard of Google Flights. Flat world travel is a great resource not only for travel tips, but beautiful photos from around the world

    18 April, 2018
  7. Amy Thompson

    I haven’t heard of Google Flights before and I can’t wait to dive in and try it for my next trip! Flat World Travel, thanks for the great tips! Useful info AND great photography.

    27 April, 2018

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